Two Clusters and English

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What led Sura to write Two Clusters in English?

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Sura replied the topic: Two Clusters and English

Because English is a universal language?

And why not?

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SilverStone replied the topic: Two Clusters and English

That's interesting! As I read, the level of English gradually has improved in newer installments. I especially appreciate the sci-fi-y mood the story creates, and as I was pondering one of the older stories I realized that Sura must have been writing in English the entire time.

English certainly does appear to be the universal language, at least on the internet. (Although I kind of feel that there is a huge dominance in Russian websites in my interests.)

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Sura replied the topic: Two Clusters and English

Most of older stories (Stories that sit before year of 9599) were originally written in Korean. There are quite a few exception to this because I created further stories in English over the years. The stories can be back in time as early as year 2799. (There is a story that covers Venus terraforming.)

All stories that sit after year 10000 are written in English from scratch. I actually have over 500 pages worth of stuff for this part. I can't release them right now mainly because I am currently grouping stories into arcs and I need some arcs (Cecil and Masu arcs) to reach a certain point prior releasing them.

Stories that sit between those two time lines were mostly English.

Due to its nature, the stories can be hard to follow. I mean there is no central plot to gel the stories together. Right now I've chosen to group the stories into arcs but it isn't an accurate way of representing the stories.

On a positive side, I've never had a problem with running out of materials to write stories with. Due to its rich lore and initial complex setup and vast amount of characters, those sort of create stories on their own. I don't need to think hard to come up with new topics to create stories with.
Strangely enough, I've actually written the last story for Two Clusters back in year 2000 which, I believe, sits somewhere between year 14xxx. Perhaps "last story" isn't a fitting word. It is the last story for Cecil arc although I kind of believe that Cecil arc cannot end because he cannot die and he becomes an invisible narrator in later stories, telling tales to advanced human race.

On a side note, it took me many years to develop my own style of writing.

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Arrocee replied the topic: Two Clusters and English

I don't think I've read much of Two Clusters yet, if it all, but the way Sura describes the format and the broad span of the stories reminds me of Dune. I guess Dune does have a pretty centralized story, though. Have you ever read Dune, Sura?

I was also wondering since you mentioned that you used to want to be a manga-ka (or I forget the equivalent word for manhwa authors) and you are such a fan of manga/manhwa, even if you've decided to write the stories out, do you ever imagine Two Clusters in manga/manhwa form? or anime? or does it feel at home in written form?

I wonder why you decided that you couldn't do manhwa. I know it's a lot of work, but it looks like from your art that you do have some skill, and I think anyone with enough drive can learn how to draw over time. And Sura definitely seems to have a lot of passion.

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Sura replied the topic: Two Clusters and English

Nope, I don't know what Dune is and probably haven't read it seeing I haven't read any English novels in my life or any other novels written in foreign language for that matter.

Two Clusters cannot be made into comic or any other hand-drawn format. There are some valid reasons for this.

1. The brutality and cruelty: I try to describe how people are killed in detail and a lot die in this story. Main characters aren't exception to death.

2. Moral conflicts: One of main character's motto is "Kill children first and get adults later". There are rapes, incests, and so on. Why are there those in this story? Simple. Two Clusters is about lives of people in year 9599 and onwards. There can't always be morally perfect people.

3. Too many characters: With 100+ characters that have their own stories, it's impossible to draw them differently. A major con of manga (comic) is its inability to display many characters that don't look alike.

4. The structure: This story is best presented on web due to its modular structure. This story cannot be made into book or comic book format. No story arc is final even if a character associated to it is killed or dies because his/her child can take over.
And I can decide, at any time, to add stories between time lines.

Why I decided not to become a manwha author? There are few reasons. Two major reasons are

1. Manwha authors don't make good money and has no dayoff. It is one of the worst jobs in Korea. Why would I take on such a job when I am qualified to take on a far better career?
2. My skill just wasn't good enough in my eyes. I do feel I do have good imagination however.

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blade replied the topic: Two Clusters and English

interesting. I will have to start back to read Two Clusters. I was thinking about it the other day when u did it previously.