Crush Thread

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Arrocee replied the topic: Crush Thread

www I mean, Awww. Don't worry cete, I'm sure some romance will come your way eventually!

So coco's remonstrating for having the privilege of someone to talk about in this thread. I'm starting to think she's kinda non-limerent, because she hardly ever has a real crush on anyone. lawl.
But there's this guy I've been preoccupied by lately. I just met him this past semester in a couple of my classes. I like him because he's kind of casual, kind of oppositional, kind of, err.. stud-like >____< but all those things also make it alien because he comes from a different social position, or something. He has a lot of girl, space, friends.

We've had a few conversations and frequently come across each other in random places (he fixes my bikes.... lol). It's nice because we're on an acknowledgement basis. But since I'm into him, I can't tell if he's actually pleased whenever I come across him or if he's just being pleasant.

That's how it always goes, of course.

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Arrocee replied the topic: Crush Thread

I went on a date for the first time last weekend. As I kind of figured, dating really is a chore, at least the type where you meet someone you came across through "online dating". I mean partially because I'm no good at connecting with others in-person but also just partially because it's like a forced conversation of "getting to know one another" for like an hour. blegh. I'd rather date someone I had a crush on.... But the guy's nice, he asked to meet again so next time we're getting sushi and watching a movie x_x if it's still not that great, I'm gonna have to find a way to let him know I'm not interested in meeting up more. Why do I put myself through such things?

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ceteruler replied the topic: Crush Thread

@arro-chan: be careful doing the online dating thing. if he hurts you tell me and i will give him the most ferocious beating he will ever have before or since

and that statement might get me in trouble but my over-protectiveness of women have gotten me in trouble before

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Arrocee replied the topic: Crush Thread

Thanks cete ^^ but no worries
after going on the 2nd date with the guy (where he didn't make any moves on me, I was relieved...) I was confused for a while but ultimately figured out that I really wasn't interested in him, for whatever reason (he's a nice guy, but his jokes are lame). The tough part for me was figuring out how to handle letting him know, and since I'm really avoidant, I just avoided replying to his messages for a while and then breathed a sigh of relief when my phone broke.

That goes for the rest of the peeps on that "dating" app, too. Even the ones I kinda really liked, I wasn't interested in dating them if I wasn't infatuated from the start.

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Arle replied the topic: Crush Thread

I wanted to talk about my sorta-dating-but-not thing but everytime I tried, I ended up feeling too confused to type.
So short version of it: somehow I end up hanging out a lot with this guy. Dude occasionally cooks me breakfast. No biggie.

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Arrocee replied the topic: Crush Thread

Wink wink nudge nudge how do you feel about that Arle, has anything happened since?
sounds like a k-drama scenario or some ish

So. My crush started cupcaking with some girl in my class. She's always nice to me, we go back a bit in a weird sense.
I swear this is like the third time this has happened to me since college. lol orz
It's kind of weird now being in class and having that whole dynamic going on (still like someone, who seems to be in the process of getting together with someone else).