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Yuzurin replied the topic: Today

Dear Aletheia,

If you ever want to talk about European Union politics, send me a message (I study European union politics). I'm aware ex sovjet countries have a tough time dealing with corruption. It always makes me nervous because i feel that people tend to think the same thing about European union parliament members, it reflects in the turnout rate.


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Aletheia replied the topic: Today

Hey Yuzurin!

I am lousy with politics. I dislike it quite a lot. My reactions are usually based on emotions quite a lot.

Yes, we do have tough time with corruption, but honestly, it's not only ex-soviet's problems.
I do think, that we try to move past this ex-soviet mentality and prefer to see ourselves more "baltic" "european" and "scandinavian".
I do not know what the situation in other "former-soviet countries" is but I suspect something similar. And yes, I've heard they do have lots of problems with corruption.

As I distrust politicians, I am of the same mind that EU parliament may be a bit off. But at least they're better than soviets.
For many people here, this distrust was very high years ago, during 2003-2004 when we joined the EU. It felt like "out of the frying pan into the fire".

During these latest troubles, it has been on the rise again, and the common money is having it's ups-and downs too.

Anyway, talking about politics usually depresses me :D
Are you planning to work for EU?


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