North Korea threats.

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Sura created the topic: North Korea threats.

I know North Korea has been gaining international attention recently due to their seemingly reckless behaviors but I feel South Koreans don't really care.
It's more like "bring it on if you dare".

For an example, I've been hearing empty North Korea threats ever since I was young. When you hear empty threats for all your life, you start to not care and scoff at it.

Besides, my understanding is that, if North Korea attacks, it will be the end of them. Thus, some Koreans actually want the war to resume so that Korea will be united. Some view it as a huge once-in-lifetime opportunity.
Flee once war begins.
Come back alive and claim good lands in North Korea.

So, despite of all the doom and gloom portrayed by sites like CNN, here in Korea it matters not.

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melanie replied the topic: North Korea threats.

That's good to know the perspective of a korean.
I've been hearing the threats even more so since the new president with the nuclear test and all stuff.
It's good to know that they are not as 'matter' as I thought they would be.

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blade replied the topic: North Korea threats.

I can see how you would get used to the threats. I am fed up of reading north Korea in the news. However thats a sneaky idea to get the land after a war if it were to happen. Would have never though of that.

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Sura replied the topic: North Korea threats.

A lot of threats from North recently and all empty ones although there have been minor military clashes at the border or more commonly known as DMZ zone.

Floating gossips suggest that China is really fed up with North.

I hope North attacks.