The world hasn't changed. But the media has.

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Sura created the topic: The world hasn't changed. But the media has.

The world hasn't changed. But the media has.

That has been the impression for me whenever I read news on the Internet.
I don't feel the world has changed. It is just that the media covers the whole planet now and they love to report shocking news, making the world seemingly worse than it really is.

I am pretty sure the medieval era had plenty of shocking news to report if they had the internet and the media we have now.

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SilverStone replied the topic: The world hasn't changed. But the media has.

I agree, Sura. It seems "worse" but we now have a greater reach to find something new, different, and interesting.

I still don't understand why the news has to report shocking news the most, but I suppose boring news doesn't really cut it.

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Yuzurin replied the topic: The world hasn't changed. But the media has.

I have been having Communication science as a subject in university currently. - the book is actually laying right beside me-
anyway there are multiple theories of the relationship between Media and Society and the interaction between them.

Questioning if the Media has changed brings it the topic public sphere. Basically many people have been worried that there is no room in our society anymore for discussions that are about Politic an Economic Value. Because the media reports about things that dont really matter for us (and are just entertaining) and above that the question in how far Media is ruled by big organisations which leaves no room for critical thinking.

Basically i dont deny that Media sometimes goes overboard with it, and above that is not always critical or is simply misleading. Fox News *cough cough*, But the fact that New media - changed - as you name it. also means that there is more room on sites like this for discussions about this-

So even though certain new functions of media have arrived in the last decades, it also gives room for more discussions and more critical thinking

i have the feeling that i just wrote what i thought but didnt really answer the indirect question. Oh well let me start anew:

hmm our society is based on the high amount of knowledge. Jobs nowadays value knowledge and information more than it used to . With some exceptions in less western countries. How do they name it. Knowledge is power? But you also need to be reminded of the fact that the human has two things that other animals lack. First we can run in a long distance like no other. Second we are capable of saving a high amount of information like no other creature can. Our society is intertwined with what you call Over information.

Above that are we are physically very fulnerable on our own, No horns, no sharp teeth, no fast speed, no claws. Which also gives us a certain flexibility like no other. We can live on the northpole or in africa and we can adapt to those circumstances. That is impressive. The only other creature that can do that is the dog because it follows us. And maybe mice and rats too. Ships.

Anyway to make a society work out of very physical vulnerable people that lives everywhere on this planet and beyond, with diverse social structures and cultures it is only logic in a globalized world that we try to inform people as much as we can. Because the capability to save information and spread it is one of the core reasons why we evolved so far.

So linking it with the first part. What originally was meant to inform us and be useful in dialy life creates other new functions of media that is not always what it was originally meant for. But the fact that it was created, also means that there was a need for in this society. It can not excist if there is no demand for it.

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blade replied the topic: The world hasn't changed. But the media has.

I totally agree with you Sura but I think it shows a much deeper issue with us today. The world not competes for attention, for more likes, views, tweets etc. As a result people are trying to get more shocking news to try and stand out. I think its shows we are a society have something wrong.

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SilverStone replied the topic: The world hasn't changed. But the media has.

I feel that the display of "shocking" behavior, attitudes, actions, etc., that comprises "news" in any form or dissemination actually drives conservatism, or at least props it up.