TODAY.... (they never stop) I drew!

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Arrocee created the topic: TODAY.... (they never stop) I drew!

OK, the title's a lie, cause really, who actually uploads things the same day they draw them? I certainly don't. But anyway, here are a few various sketches i've made of late (by which I mean, this summer). I'm taking a drawing class this semester (excite!!) so hopefully my drawing game is gonna go up.

Feel free to share any art you've done recently as well!

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Arrocee replied the topic: TODAY.... (they never stop) I drew!

for those of you who don't know yet, my sometimes serious ambition (and sometimes pure unserious fancy) is to make my own doujinshi one day, so drawing gets invested with that for me. But I'm the anxious and perfectionist type, so I usually get a little quake-y after drawing for just a brief time. Anyway, here you go!

OK, so these are actually towards the end of the school year. mostly a few sketches from manga i got really excited about while reading updates:

An anime-style self-portrait of myself on the right hehe.

Towa from Balancing Toy

concept sketches for my makeup class

Random sketches from early on during the summer, usually during work:

This one was during a daytrip with some friends, waiting for the metro to LA.

Some sketches after I got my haircut at Vidal Sassoon lolcat I drew characters whose hairstyles reminded me of my new cut. Self-portraits on the left.

Started drawing Shima from Stellvia for a birthday card.

Hehe this one is of my twin coco.

at a free outdoor concert with some friends (needless to say I tried to draw the performers but the sketches didn't have much resemblance)

Sketches I made after resolving to draw one quick character study a day, and one original sketch based on the same style:

From Balancing Toy:

From Ergo Proxy:

Just random:

Someone should recognize this! I don't actually recall the name of this webtoon tho.

Yup, that's from Kuragehime, the same image i used for my avatar.

After I stopped trying to do the once-a-day studies:

On the left, a sketch I was inspired to make after seeing the expression on one of my co-workers' face, and on the right an attempt at a self-portrait from one experience in my day.

Second iteration

bored at work

sketches of coco on vacation hehe

never figured out how to do her arms right for this one....

Well, I have a long way to go! Some of the sketches I did based on an original example, which is a lot easier for me than drawing from imagination, but (disclaimer) I didn't include the original image for all of the derivative drawings I did. Maybe I'll find the effort to add them/edit image sizes at some later point. At the moment I have trouble drawing bodies with any precision.

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shadowik replied the topic: TODAY.... (they never stop) I drew!

Wow Arro .. your art is amazing :3
I feel embarrassed compared to you *.*
Anyway .. today I only drew two pics
Here the photos , hope you like them ^.^

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Arrocee replied the topic: TODAY.... (they never stop) I drew!

Thanks shadow~ My art are only sketches, though, and I feel like I can't consistently draw well, which is what I want :'3 I think your art is good though!