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Genshiken Collection Trading Figure

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This is Genshiken trading figure collection box which contains 8 main characters from Genshiken, plus 4 cosplay figures from Saki and Oono. All in all, this collection box gets you 12 figures plus 5 chairs + 2 desks AND numerous props. Priced at 40 USD (or so), this is a good deal.

... If you can find one.

Tracking down a brand new box was an ordeal in a nutshell. It took me more than 5 months to finally be able to track down a single unit in Hong Kong. Even then it was a gamble because the seller didn't speak good English and he would not ship the box. He would just ship the contents but did assure me that they were brand new but did not understand the meaning of "authentic".

Regardless, having had no luck whatsoever for months, I pulled the trigger. FYI, I was able to locate bits and pieces of the collection box but they were outrageously priced.




I believe they are authentic. Some of them had copyright marks along with maker's initials. Those aren't found on bootlegs. Additionally, small props are well done.

Quality wise, the painting itself is surprisingly nice for trading figure size. The tiny eyes are done well also. While colors are plain and shading is non-existent, this is overall a nice set of figures. This single box will get you the entire Genshiken figure collection.




The figures and the chairs are not connected. They are just sitting on top of each other. This is neither pro nor con.




Below are four bonus cosplay figures. Okay, two of them are not actually cosplay figures. I notice that overall quality is better on these four.




FYI, most of figures are made in China. Painting is usually done in Japan however.

Below, you can see one of the copyright marks.



Additional Info

  • Maker: Gargoyle
  • Height (cm): N/A
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