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Tales of Vesperia Rita Mordio

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Rita Mordio from tales of Vesperia. This is a trading figure, meaning it's usually under 10cm. For a trading figure though, it's very high quality.

She is probably the most popular figure in Tales of Vesperia and possibily one of top 10 characters in Tales series. She is one of those cases where her voice actress fits her in-game character so well.

If you want her figure in 1/8 scale, Alter has produced a fine figure of Rita but do note that Alter has released only Yuri, Fylnn, Rita, Raven, and Estelle. Kotobukiya, meanwhile, has released only trading figures but have all characters, including Patty, Duke, Judith, Repede, and Karol.

Therefore, I advice you to collect the trading figures unless you are able to live with just five characters from Tales of Vesperia.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Kotobukiya
  • Height (cm): 9
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