Monday, 04 December 2017 03:43

Gintama Okita Sougo Megahouse


Okita Sougo from Gintama. His female version (Souko) is also reviewed on this site.

There are two versions of Okita from Megahouse and few more from other vendors. I find this one to be the best among them because this is the most normal Okita you are going to find in high quality.

The quality of figure is on par with Megahouse Toshi. The shading is identical which makes displaying those two together a bliss. Okita is considerably short however due to his pose.




The box also comes with an additional arm with a bazooka and another head with a eye-mask and a grin. The optional parts make the figure look far more relaxed, giving you a choice between a serious aura and a relaxed aura. Those are good options. I opted for the default (serious) look for my display.

The bazooka cannot be taken off by the by.


Monday, 04 December 2017 03:36

Gintama Kamui Megahouse


This is Kamui from Gintama. He is Kagura's older brother as well as nemesis.

This is a fine figure in 1/8 scale but I've had a hard time grabbing him for a decent price. Expect to spend more than 100 USD on him.





Just like Kagura, Kamui also has the umbrella. It is slightly larger than Kagura's but the design is identical with the same metal pole. His cloak is removable and the box comes with 2 extra faces with different expressions.





I advise you to be careful with his pony tail. It looked like the glued part is somewhat fragile. Other than that, the quality is outstanding. His removable cloak is pretty large and heavy. I removed it in my display unit because it was taking up too much space and I actually prefer him without the cloak.

The figure also did not securely attach itself to the base but this could be an isolated case and the figure's stable pose means this will pose very little, if any, issues.


Friday, 01 December 2017 04:21

Okita Souko Megahouse


This is Okita Souko from the hilarious genderbent (Dekobokko) arc from Gintama.

This figure is pretty sexy and Souko's curve is on full display. As expected from Megahouse, this is a high quality figure. There is no visible seam and there is no visible fault. Just be extra careful about her whip which is pretty fragile and dangles a lot. I think her whip could be used to detect earthquakes. :)

The whip cannot be taken off and is glued shut.




This figure has a surprising bonus; her skirt is cast off (can be taken off). While cast-off capable figure is nothing new, this is a first for a Gintama figure. I repeat this is the first Gintama figure that can have a skirt taken off.





And you know what? She has got the curve to show off. I will admit that much. This is Okita on full S-mode.

Overall, this is a good figure that isn't monstrously big and the skirt being cast-off was a surprise.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 03:34

Katsura Kotaro Megahouse


This is Katsura Kotaro (Or Zura as more commonly known) from Gintama. It took me a while to get this figure since it was becoming rarer and its price was going up as a result. I had luck with Mandrake and sourced him for around 50USD.

I also have Zura by Banpresto. You may also want to look at that version.

The quality of this figure is clearly superior to the Banpresto version. However, I am unsure whether this version is better. Banpresto version has the comical aura to it whereas this one's far more serious. Of course, this being 1/8 scale means it will go well with other 1/8 scale figures by Megahouse.



This is a rather simple figure with a simple pose. It does come with an optional shorter hair, but seeing I hardly recall Zura with short hair, I didn't even take it out of the box.

Since I can't find faults on the figure, I will add this: I had some difficulty getting his katana into his hand. It required some force to get into his fingers. Other than that, I can't really fault this figure.




Friday, 24 November 2017 01:03

Sadaharu (piggy) bank


I've looked hard to find a suitable Sadaharu figure for my Gintama collection. And all I've found was pillow / cushion types. At one point though, I did manage to find this Sadaharu bank. It's a piggy bank in shape of Sadaharu.

I gambled on it but was misinformed. Seller claimed it was 17cm in height but this was 12cm height. Therefore, scale wise, it doesn't exactly fit with my Megahouse Kagura figure but this is the closet thing you can find to a Sadaharu figure that is semi-big.

I think a Kagura trading figure is probably a lot better to go with this thing. The whole thing is plastic and is sort to touch but it's not one of those rubber coated plastic.

The quality is alright although I see a clear quality fault on its right leg.





Thursday, 23 November 2017 01:20

Gintama Gintoki Sweet tooth


This figure is called "Gintoki Sweet tooth ver". Banpresto has made it and it's only medium quality but, by far, this is my most favorite Gintoki figure.

Good news is that this figure is 1/8 scale at 23cm. What that means is that this figure sits well with rest of Megahouse Gintama figures.



 This is a lottery figure and its quality is really mediocre at best. My two biggest complaints on the figure are pictured as below.




The first one shows large seam that wasn't smoothed down and there is also slight color difference. This is actually a pretty big fault. But this is priced at around 25 USD on Ebay or Amazon. This lower quality is expected.

Look at his belt area on the second figure. Painting job is crude and another large seam that wasn't smoothed off. The whole belt area is let-off actually.



However, overall, I really do like this figure. This is the Gintoki you will see most of time during manga and anime, slacking off with strawberry milk & a stick of dango.



This is Kasukabe Saki from Genshiken. This is a 1/8 scale figure and made by Yamato.

The quality is figure is medium-high. I had to grade it down due to a heavy fault on her helmet. Look below.





The helmet is removable and doing so will reveal heavy paint strains. Good news is that you will likely keep the helmet on. This also reveals seams on her hair.

Another fault on the figure is that the figure is really loosely secured to the base. It's so loose that the base will come off at the slightest force. All in all, what this means this figure isn't high quality.

Other than those, however, the figure overall is alright.

P.S. Nothing worthy to talk about under her skirt if you are wondering.





Thursday, 02 November 2017 03:12

Alter Tales of Vesperia Rita Mordio


This is Rita Mordio from Tales of Vesperia. This is a 1/8 scale figure by Alter.

If you are a fan of Vesperia and a fan of Rita, this figure is probably a must-get. This is a high quality figure that deserves its price. It also comes with a chibi figure of herself.






Compared to its trading figure counterpart, everything is so detailed, including the base even, and despite of having only one foot to secure itself onto the base, it is firmly secured.

The chibi figure is well done as well. Its head can also rotate around. All in all, I have no complaints on this figure. Pose is lively and good. Painting is top class and so is shading. There are few faults but it's forgivable because you have to look really hard to spot them.





This is Estellise Sidos Heur...., forget it. This is Estelle from Tales of Vesperia. This is a 1/8 scale figure by Alter.

While this figure is easy to get a hold of, the price isn't cheap. You are expected to spend at least 75 USD brand new. Used ones are rare.

Anyway, this is a very high quality figure and comes with a nice chibi figure of herself.




The box comes with two hands: One holding the shield and one without. You can also take her wand off. With both off, it will look as if she is running.

The quality of chibi figure is outstanding as well and its head can rotate around. All in all, I don't think you are going to regret if you do decide to get this figure. Everything about the figure is well done and crafted.

As a bonus, I included a underskirt shot. I don't think she isn't wearing anything at all down there and they simply colored the area. I find it strange that they did some shading down there. If she is indeed wearing skin-tight pants, that has got to be uncomfortable. I mean, if a pair of pants get into your buttocks like that..., that's going to be uncomfortable.





Tuesday, 31 October 2017 04:04

Moyashimon Lottery Burgundy Mary figure


This is Mary de Burgundy from Moyashimon season 2. I wasn't expecting much from this figure because I bought it at 20 USD brand new (And free shipping to boot).

When I received it however, I was surprised. The box had a unique design and this was a high quality figure. More shockingly, this is made by Banpresto. I was shocked at the quality. It is on par with Megahouse figures. What's really shocking is that this is a lottery figure.

All in all, I am puzzled. Its price and it being a lottery figure tell me the quality is going to suck. Yet, this figure defies the norm. This is a high quality figure with a unique base design.





There are few faults on the figure but I could count them with my one hand. Painting was overall nice and shading was done properly. Again, it's hard to believe this is a Banpresto and a lottery figure.

What I really like about this figure is that the figure secures really firmly into the base. It's not coming off its base unless you really force it.

Overall, this figure is a hidden gem. However, there aren't many Moyashimon figures. Only Mary and Kei were produced in 1/8 scale and Kei figure shares exact same pose and both look pretty much identical. Therefore, expect Moyashimon figures to be lonely. If you get Mary figure, there isn't really a reason to get Kei figure.




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