Thursday, 19 October 2017 02:57

Tales of Vesperia Estellise Sidos Heurassein


This is Estellise Sidos Heur...., aw forget it.  This is Estelle from Tales of Vesperia. She is the heroine of the game and probably the least popular character (besides Karol) in the game.

She is pretty much a standard tales character, naive and easily challenged morally. And I've always wondered how her wardrobe works as well. Despite of having bright pink hair in the game, the figure has more of brown hair with pink highlight.

Estelle starts out as a Flynn fangirl but later feels rather strong emotions toward Yuri. Although their relationship never materializes in the game, her being sidelined from the kingdom's throne means she could be quite free to marry whoever she likes.




Wednesday, 18 October 2017 22:46

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Limited Edition


I bought this on Ebay for 1.99 USD and, when I got it, I had absolutely no idea the history behind it. The only thing I realized was that this figure was very high quality for a trading figure.

Upon some googling, it turns out that this is a limited edition of Haruhi figure distributed with its manga volume 4.




Wednesday, 18 October 2017 02:27

Fate Zero Emiya Shiro


This is Emiya Shirou from Fate series. This specific figure isn't actually from Fate Stay Night. Instead, this is from Fate Zero.

Then why I have this? It's because there is no good Emiya figure. There is no 1/8 scale version and everything else was figma or action figures. I dislike figma and action figures because the whole thing looks very awkward with poseable joints. Regardless, I feel this purchase was a waste of money. This figure is, like, 1/14 scale and is even smaller than Taito Satonaka Chie.

Because of its overly simple features, even Banpresto has managed to make it semi-decent.




Wednesday, 18 October 2017 01:51

Tales of Vesperia Repede


This is Repede from Tales of Vesperia. I am unsure how popular he is but he is nevertheless a vital member in the game. While I recorded the height of this figure as 10cm, its height without tail is merely 3cm. Its length is 9cm.

Additionally, this is the only Tales of Vesperia trading figure that is not bound to a stand and can stand fine without it. With his four legs, balance is fine, obviously.



Because of a fair amount of small details, the figure quality is medium. It's got seams all over the body and a fair amount of painting spots are off. I don't seem much shading, either.

Still, this is the ONLY Repede figure you are going to find.






If you've ever played original Fate stay night, you may be able to recall the (yes, the) scene where Saber reveals her sword and shouts "Excalibur!!!" toward descending Rider. When I saw this figure, that scene was recalled in my head.

I wasn't planning to acquire this figure, mainly due to its high price tag. But on a local anime convention, I came cross a booth that was selling some figures and saw this figure in a glass box. The vendor said the figure was sold out and the display unit was all he had. After a minute of banter, the vendor agreed to sell it for pretty cheap. I think I paid around 60 USD. This figure was technically used but was only taken out of the box for display purposes for about 15 days.


For the record, this figure has been pretty popular because this figure was re-run in 2012 and is scheduled for 2nd re-run in 2018 Feb.



And this figure is damn nice. Being 1/7 scale, the figure is pretty large and is pretty heavy. It is secured by a rather thick metal bar. Even so, the figure may dangle.

Perhaps more importantly, I saw no fault on the figure. Zero painting fault, zero surface seam, and top quality shading. What all of those mean this figure is a top, top, quality figure.



The box comes with two swords. One regular "mortal" claymore. The other is empowered transparent claymore. Besides the sword, there isn't any customizable options.



For an additional bonus, this Saber is canon. There is "Illy" Saber version where it features Saber wearing panties and a garter belt under her skirt. Now, that's not canon. Saber would never wear such.

Now, if I have to pick a fault on the figure, it's that this figure has many places where dusts will gather, especially there is a gap between her thigh armors and her blue skirt. Dusts will gather there. The figure also has a large surface area which is ideal for dusts. Other than that, the figure could dangle. Those are the only faults I would point out, both of which will pretty much apply to all objects on Earth. Who can escape from dust anyway?


Thursday, 12 October 2017 02:39

Gintama Tribute Gallery Takasugi Shinsuke


This is Takasugi Shinsuke (Or Shinsuke Takasugi in English speaking world) from Gintama. This is the boy version. There are four figures in this category and they are called "Gintama Tribute gallery". Shouyou , Shinsuke, Gintoki, and Katsura are the ones with the latter three being in their pre-teen age.

This is also a prize figure, meaning you score them from those crane lottery machines and is produced by Banpresto. Regardless, plenty of them are on Ebay and you can score them at as low as 10 USD if timing is lucky enough.

By Banpresto's standards, this is fairly high quality. You can see a small manufacturing fault on middle end of his yukata. Other than that, coloring and shading are fine. For the price I paid for it, I'd say it's an excellent figure as well as being unique. There aren't many Shinsuke figures after all.

I've attached a figure size comparison photo at the end with Shouyou.





Wednesday, 11 October 2017 13:34

Tales of Vesperia Patty Fleur


This is Patty Fleur from Tales of Vesperia PS3 version. The PS3 part is important because she wasn't included in Xbox version. I never understood purpose of her inclusion in the game. She didn't exactly bring anything new to the game other than perhaps trying hard to become Yuri's love interest which I don't think it worked out.

Either way, here she is. The quality of the figure isn't as good as others because I see some painting flaws here and there. I basically see more flaws compared to other Vesperia figures. Meanwhile, what this figure has got going is that it is adorable. Standing at only 9.5cm (with base), this is as short as Karol figure but with far less volume.

The pistol can be taken off or can be adjusted which doesn't mean much actually.






Wednesday, 11 October 2017 03:10

Queen's blade Yumil (Ymir) R-2 by Megahouse


NSFW (Not Safe For Work) warning to viewers. In addition to that, I also give Loli warning.

This is cast-off capable figure of Yumir (Or Yumil) from Queen's blade. To be honest, I expected another figure with massive problems because I've had hellish time with Queen's blade Echidna and Duram Sherif.

However, this figure turned out to be the best cast-off capable figure I've had so far. Not that I've had many but, so far, this is the best one.



For the record, I have absolutely no idea how old Yumir is. And, while her physique is clearly that of pre-teen, she is a dwarf which explains her small physique. I believe she is old enough, but I give NSFW and Loli warnings regardless.

Edit: A quick wiki search reveals that she is well over 50 years old. So, that's that.

With that out of the way, let the review begin.

This is a very good figure. The so-many problems I've had with the two-mentioned cast-off figures don't exist with this one. Figure parts don't leave strain on her skin. Parts are easy to deal with. Painting and shading qualities are top notch and figure balance is good.

All in all, I have very little complaints.





This is an alternative color version. Original Yumir has pink dress with blue eyes. Personally though, I prefer this color version.

While this is a fixed pose figure,  the hand that is holding her giant axe can rotate a little, giving an option to wield her weapon differently.




 NSFW from this point.


Her chest piece is actually held secure by magnet. I believe there is a magnet inside of her chest area and the breast piece has a thin metal and the piece just clicks and attached onto her chest. The piece is fairly fragile. Be careful with it.

You can pull out her upper body and pull the skirt out. The paint on skirt does not leave any sort of strain on her skin at all. I do notice that the inner skirt is very smooth and glossy.

Her panties is loosely secured and requires pulling out a leg to be taken off.





There is no detail on her private part but that shouldn't matter. This figure is better off clothed. With the ability to rotate her weapon-holding hand, her axe can be in different direction.

Overall, this is the best cast-off capable figure I've had so far. I was about to give up on acquiring cast-off capable figures because the last two I acquired had so many issues. With this one being so good, I think I will try collecting more.

Sunday, 08 October 2017 13:50

Tales of Vesperia Duke Pantarei


This is Duke Pantarei from Tales of Vesperia. I doubt many remember his last name. He's mostly just known as Duke.

Quality is good but his hair isn't exactly perfect. And, other than few painting flaws, the figure is mostly good.





Sunday, 08 October 2017 00:29

Tales of Vesperia Flynn Scifo


This is Flynn Scifo from Tales of Vesperia. He is Yuri's best friend. Flynn's philosophy is pretty much direct opposite of Yuri's and he is an idealist (which I very much dislike).

This is high quality trading figure from Kotobukiya. Faults are there but they are few and far between. For a trading figure, it's pretty high priced at 15 ~ 30USD on Ebay. As I've mentioned in Rita review, Kotobukiya has produced trading figures for all main characters, so it's probably wise to collect Kotobukiya's figures.





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