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Webtoon "PermIT!"

This webtoon "PermIT!" is created by the author of Useful Good-for-nothing which I am sure many of you still remember.

Webtoon URL:

In order to view the webtoon, you need to go through an extra hoop which is registering with Payco ( I personally dislike having yet another layer on top of everything else. As if I don't have enough passwords to remember...

Currently in Korea, there are gazillions of different standards for online payment that it isn't funny. One can unify the payment via cell phone but you've better watch your bill or you can be slapped with a bill that mounts few thousands easily if you aren't careful.

Anyway, PermIT webtoon is regarding a couple of guys who manage to enter computer science course at a decent university. This webtoon is about hacking and other computer mambo jumbo.

One of staff that may sound really awkward to you while reading this webtoon is "Girlfriend app" which is ... exactly what it is. The app lets you date a girl on screen. You have to please her by checking on her ever so often and sometimes she will ask a gift (that costs real money).

... Needless to say, I know a fair amount of guys are really attached to such app.


The major problem with this webtoon is that the plot targets a really niche audience and I didn't find the webtoon worthywhile at all, not at all. I can see that the plot is trying to make me laugh or at least grin but it wasn't working on me.

But it is not the artist's fault. This webtoon has two authors, one's in charge of plot. The other is in charge of the art. The one in charge of the art is responsible for Useful GFN. I don't know why she chose to have a writer. I mean Useful GFN was fairly good. I beleive she may have chosen to work with a plot writer because the ending of Useful GFN was a major letdown. But this writer isn't any good, either.

Is this webtoon worth your time? I would say probably not.

Anyway, click read more for some screenshots.

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Saturday, 16 August 2014 03:57

Marriage resume

This article is based on 16th episode of Useful Good-for-nothing.


In Episode 16, Na-Young talks about few groups at the school. This article will explain the 3rd group; those who are in the course for the marriage resume.


Marriage resume is probably an alien concept for those who live in America but probably not new for Asians.

A marriage resume is exactly what its name says. It is a resume for marriages. I am basing this article on the situation in Korea because, well, Useful Good-for-nothing is a Korean webtoon and I am a (native) Korean myself, so I know a good deal about this.

In Korea, the average marriage age is 35. Yes, 35. Lately, the average marriage age is pushing towards 40 for men and 35 for women.

The reason is simple. No properly educated women will marry men who don’t have proper income and financial stability. Those two generally mean a man has to have a decent job and has to have some savings. And those two don’t happen for young men in 20s.

Marriage resume is used for arranged marriages where men and women seek their proper partners. A requirement for a marriage resume is a university diploma. It does not usually matter which course as long as the university is well known. But this applies only to women.

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Monday, 15 September 2014 02:18

Useless good-for-nothing

So, there you have it. Useful Good for nothing has been completed.

This writing is going to be somewhat long, so brace yourselves.

Or you can just leave this page.


Anyway, here I go.

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The title is – Useful – Good for nothing.
I am sure some of you see the title as useless good for nothing. It’s kind of an optical illusion but I assure you that the title is Useful good for nothing.
The meaning of “無用之用” is that something that is useless might prove to be useful. Useful Good for nothing was my translation for the expression.

Our guy’s name is Cha Ji-Yyoung. He’s rather short for a guy and is not very masculine which allows him to dress up as a woman. Even so, chances of a crossdressed guy fooling real women in real world is slim, so don’t try this at home!

… Anyway, ( Mild spoiler alert! Do not read further if you are afraid of spoilers. )

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