Thursday, 24 November 2016 23:24

Sanada Maru

For your information, taiga drama is Japan’s NHK’s longest running series.
Ever since 1963, NHK released a 49 ~ 50 episodes of taiga drama every year.

Sanada Maru is NHK’s 55th taiga drama.
“Taiga drama” is a historical TV series. Although historical, a lot of them have been based on one specific era of Japan: Sengoku.
I consider myself a big fan of taiga drama and have reviewed some over the years.

Sanada Maru is about Sanada clan in mid-late Sengoku era and centers around Sanada Masayuki and his two sons.
The most distinguishable feature found in Sanada Maru is that this taiga drama is comical. Comedy and taiga drama have been water and oil. It never mixed too well. Although there have been funny kind of “what the” moments in previous taiga drama, those semi-comical moments never broke characters.

However, in Sanada Maru, there are comedy, real comedy. This is the first as far as I recall and the comical moments are done very well.
In other words, I really do like Sanada Maru. It is a refreshing break from what many outsiders consider “boring taiga drama”.

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Sunday, 19 June 2016 22:00

Webtoon "PermIT!"

This webtoon "PermIT!" is created by the author of Useful Good-for-nothing which I am sure many of you still remember.

Webtoon URL:

In order to view the webtoon, you need to go through an extra hoop which is registering with Payco ( I personally dislike having yet another layer on top of everything else. As if I don't have enough passwords to remember...

Currently in Korea, there are gazillions of different standards for online payment that it isn't funny. One can unify the payment via cell phone but you've better watch your bill or you can be slapped with a bill that mounts few thousands easily if you aren't careful.

Anyway, PermIT webtoon is regarding a couple of guys who manage to enter computer science course at a decent university. This webtoon is about hacking and other computer mambo jumbo.

One of staff that may sound really awkward to you while reading this webtoon is "Girlfriend app" which is ... exactly what it is. The app lets you date a girl on screen. You have to please her by checking on her ever so often and sometimes she will ask a gift (that costs real money).

... Needless to say, I know a fair amount of guys are really attached to such app.


The major problem with this webtoon is that the plot targets a really niche audience and I didn't find the webtoon worthywhile at all, not at all. I can see that the plot is trying to make me laugh or at least grin but it wasn't working on me.

But it is not the artist's fault. This webtoon has two authors, one's in charge of plot. The other is in charge of the art. The one in charge of the art is responsible for Useful GFN. I don't know why she chose to have a writer. I mean Useful GFN was fairly good. I beleive she may have chosen to work with a plot writer because the ending of Useful GFN was a major letdown. But this writer isn't any good, either.

Is this webtoon worth your time? I would say probably not.

Anyway, click read more for some screenshots.

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Saturday, 18 June 2016 13:14

Webtoon 남창 "Male prostitute"

Catchy title, eh?

But the webtoon stays true to its title. It is a story about a male prostitute who performs predominantly BL actions.

It is a challenge webtoon, meaning it is a level below regular webtoon. Still, the drawing is alright and the story is okay as well.

Webtoon URL:

A challenge webtoon can be taken off at any moment. If you like the work, better save it on your harddrive.

The MC is a young woman who get caught reading a BL webtoon by her younger sister. They get into a fight and the MC slips and cracks her skull against a corner of her desk. She bleeds badly and soon dies (while begging her sister to turn her PC off which was ignored).


Shortly after her passing, she gets reincarnated into a boy in a fantasy world. Where she was reborn was a prostitute house where he will be raised as a male prostitute. That is how the story begins.

Having loving BL webtoons in her former life, he is actually eager to start working. And when he starts to work, a war breaks out and his village is destroyed and the MC is taken a prisoner. He eventually becomes a sex slave to a Prince who led the assault.

...... The plot is bold and occasionally comical and ironic. It also uses a fair amount of BL slangs.

Overall, I find the plot fairly good. It actually makes sense and sometimes emotionally moving. Let me remind you that this is a story about a male sex slave. What else do you need more?

Do I recommend this? I guess it depends. The plot can be a little brutal and too direct. If you are someone who can handle some controversies, then go ahead. (Well, if you can handle BL, I suppose you can handle controversies.)

Anyway, click "Read more" for more screenshots.

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Friday, 17 June 2016 15:31

Webtoon 명인 "Master"

Do you remember Hikaru no Go?

It’s an old anime by now. It’s been around 12 years since the show ended and it was one of very few manga dealing with Go board game.

FYI, Go board game is Asia’s equivalent of European chess. I personally find the Go game far more complex than chess but I suppose that’s a subjective issue and I am not going to go into the debate.

Actually although I did say “very few”, I can’t think of any other anime or manga that revolves around Go board game.

I suppose “Shion no Ou” as well as “Chihayafuru” come close but they don’t exactly deal with the same game. It is in the same genre however.


The reason for this blog is that -

Some time ago, I found a Korean webtoon that revolves around Go board game.

The title is “명인” which translates to Master.

Webtoon URL :

Unfortunately, I do not find the webtoon in the same league of Hikaru no Go. The art (drawing), plot devices, and the atmosphere all seem inferior to Hikaru no Go. Actually, some of elements appear to be direct copies of Hikaru no Go.

What it does have it better than Hikaru no Go is its trend. I mean the characters in webtoon are up to our tech standard, meaning most players enjoy Go game on the internet instead of facing each other in person. Using cell phones to watch games and whatnot. All of which are expected from a far more modern comic.

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Saturday, 14 November 2015 14:04

Trance Female Fantasy dual RJ145661

This review is best read after you read my Trance Female Fantasy (the first game of the trilogy) review.

This game could be played without having previously played the first game, but you will be missing out a lot and question marks will be all over the places. Basically, if you don’t play the first game and play this, you won’t know the main goal of the game until the very end.

Therefore, it is advised that you play the first game.

The product code of this game is RE145661 (or RJ145661) which is a remastered version of the original game RE091952 (or RJ091952).

This game was released a year later the first installation (Trance Female Fantasy). And I suppose the title is again awkward.

The title for this second installation is Trance Female Fantasy Dual. This “dual” part could have several possible explanations. “Dual” could mean “2” which means this is the second installation of the trilogy. “Dual” could also mean how the main character of this game is. Lito, the protagonist of the game, goes through two transformations besides turning into a female.

Finally, “dual” could also mean that Lito is always with her sister, Merona.

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Friday, 13 November 2015 00:12

Trance Female Fantasy RJ144042

Having reviewed (and played) Trance Female Fantasy: Final edition, I was sort of dragged into playing Trance Female Fantasy which is the first game in the trilogy.

Before I begin, I must inform you that I played a remastered version of Trance Female Fantasy which carries a product code of RJ144042. It is the remastered version of original game, RJ076524, released back in 2011.

The gameplay is the same but game interface and CG arts have been improved. Therefore, the remastered version does not alter the plot in anyway as far as I know.

The game is made with RPG maker and the developers are 6colors.

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015 15:08

Trance Female Fantasy: Final Edition RJ153038

Rev 2.1

Yes, I realize the title is a little weird. After all, it’s “Trance Female Fantasy: Final Edition”. This series is actually a trilogy. It is not mandatory to play the first two games but it is advised to play the first two, just so you know what is going on.

I’ve played the first two games in this trilogy and this will contain spoilers.

You can search more about this game by googling the game’s product code which is RJ153038 or RE153038. The RJ code will direct you to a Japanese (Dlite) site. RE code will direct you to Dlite’s English site.

The first one in the trilogy is Trance female fantasy (RE144042).

The second one is Trance female fantasy Dual (RE145661).

This game is a R-18 (Rated 18+ AKA hentai) game made by 6colors. 6colors is a rather known hentai company. They’ve produced numerous games (10+) under very similar themes.

Their website is @

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Friday, 23 October 2015 05:02

My thoughts: Whamanga

Before I begin my usual bit, allow me to introduce you how this webtoon began. The bits were taken from what the author posted when he had to skip an update due to catching cold.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015 22:26

Nobunaga no Yabo 14

I was surprised to find this game officially fully translated with powerup-kit enabled. As far as I remember, only the original version was officially translated and was released to PS2 and PS3. “Powerup kit” is more like an expansion pack in America. Or you can see it as a big DLC if that makes it easier for you to understand.

Meanwhile, I must mention that Nobunaga no yabo series and powerup kit have existed as long as I can remember. This is not a new marketing gimmick they’ve come up with. The reason for powerup kits was to patch and improve games. This started in an era where downing big patches over the Internet wasn’t possible. And this trend stuck and continued.

The full title is Nobunaga no yabo (14): Sphere of Influence

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015 20:50

Silence speaks volumes, apparently

This article requires you to have completely read Spring, Fall webtoon!

“I love you” is quite a frequent phrase you see and hear these days. And, if you are from Europe and America, you will probably use it quite often as well.

In Korean culture as well as language, “I love you” is hard to express. And we, Koreans, don’t use the expression often. It was only after exposure to Western culture that Koreans started to see more expressions regarding their internal feelings toward their significant other.

The author’s post script says this: “If you love someone, do you have to let it be known when that someone knows that? Do you have to speak out of your feelings to him or her?”

A man loves a woman, and he is absolutely positive that she loves him also. Does he have to tell her that he loves her even when it’s so obvious?

This is the premier of this webtoon according to the author. There are things in this world that one does not need to express loudly in order to let the feelings and position known.

And more importantly, there are things in this world that does not need to be explained.

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