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Trance Female Fantasy dual RJ145661

This review is best read after you read my Trance Female Fantasy (the first game of the trilogy) review.

This game could be played without having previously played the first game, but you will be missing out a lot and question marks will be all over the places. Basically, if you don’t play the first game and play this, you won’t know the main goal of the game until the very end.

Therefore, it is advised that you play the first game.

The product code of this game is RE145661 (or RJ145661) which is a remastered version of the original game RE091952 (or RJ091952).

This game was released a year later the first installation (Trance Female Fantasy). And I suppose the title is again awkward.

The title for this second installation is Trance Female Fantasy Dual. This “dual” part could have several possible explanations. “Dual” could mean “2” which means this is the second installation of the trilogy. “Dual” could also mean how the main character of this game is. Lito, the protagonist of the game, goes through two transformations besides turning into a female.

Finally, “dual” could also mean that Lito is always with her sister, Merona.

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Friday, 13 November 2015 00:12

Trance Female Fantasy RJ144042

Having reviewed (and played) Trance Female Fantasy: Final edition, I was sort of dragged into playing Trance Female Fantasy which is the first game in the trilogy.

Before I begin, I must inform you that I played a remastered version of Trance Female Fantasy which carries a product code of RJ144042. It is the remastered version of original game, RJ076524, released back in 2011.

The gameplay is the same but game interface and CG arts have been improved. Therefore, the remastered version does not alter the plot in anyway as far as I know.

The game is made with RPG maker and the developers are 6colors.

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015 15:08

Trance Female Fantasy: Final Edition RJ153038

Rev 2.1

Yes, I realize the title is a little weird. After all, it’s “Trance Female Fantasy: Final Edition”. This series is actually a trilogy. It is not mandatory to play the first two games but it is advised to play the first two, just so you know what is going on.

I’ve played the first two games in this trilogy and this will contain spoilers.

You can search more about this game by googling the game’s product code which is RJ153038 or RE153038. The RJ code will direct you to a Japanese (Dlite) site. RE code will direct you to Dlite’s English site.

The first one in the trilogy is Trance female fantasy (RE144042).

The second one is Trance female fantasy Dual (RE145661).

This game is a R-18 (Rated 18+ AKA hentai) game made by 6colors. 6colors is a rather known hentai company. They’ve produced numerous games (10+) under very similar themes.

Their website is @

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Saturday, 20 October 2012 03:31

X Change 2 Alternative

I am sure that some North Americans are familiar with "Xchange" and "Crowd" as Xchange 1, 2, and 3 have been legally translated to English by Peachprincess. Even Xchange Alternative was also legally translated.

Xchange 2 Alternative is a completely different game compared to its presequels.

The core setting has not changed. The main character is a male and he becomes a girl somehow. What else have changed are pretty much revolutionary.

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