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Dalsez : Mad Ben

Spoiler warning! You’ve been warned!

Also you need to read up to episode 79 of Dalsez at least.

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Thursday, 10 July 2014 02:09

Dalsez; The two worlds

This article requires you to have read Dalsez up to 34th episode.


We now have seen and learnt a good mount of Xeno’s world now. And so far we’ve seen two worlds. There could be more worlds but right now we have the two worlds.

I feel it’s time to talk and discuss about the two worlds we’ve seen so far.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014 22:15

Dalsez; Season 1 and beyond

What I am going to write below requires you to have read up to 25th episode of Dalsez.


Grandfa!1. Does a child inherit sins of its parents?”

When I read Dalsez for the first time, it had only 6 episodes. When I read it for the first time, my first impression was its variant colors used by the author (Sera, gender unknown). Variant colors attract readers, generally younger readers.

What made me to choose to work on this webtoon was the underlying message of prologue; it was episode 3 that made me decide to work on it.

“Does a child inherit sins of its parents?”

My answer at that time was no.

My answer now is yes.

At the time I read episode 3 for the first time, there were only 6 episodes and I did not know that the “sin” was in his DNA. I did not know he would inherit the sin the way he did.

So, at that time, my answer to the question was a simple and firm no.

But now that I know Denzel has to work on the path that his parents walked (cannibalism), perhaps it was better for him to die as a baby.

Of course, there seems to be more than just cannibalism.

"Human-eating demons" in Xeno's world appears to refer to Denzel's kind. What's more; the Abyss appears to have been created to seal/confine them but Denzel passed through the seal, thus breaking it or at least weaken it. "More cracks", Xeno said.

At this point, however, Denzel can get by just flesh, so far it doesn’t seem the flesh has to be human’s. But it can be argued that his awakening isn’t complete yet…



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