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Hentai games 101

Hentai games originate from Japan and we are dealing with what is a totally different beast. There are adult games in other countries, but hentai games are different in many ways.

"Hentai" means "perverted" and all of hentai games are meant for 18+.

The general preconception of hentai games is that it is kinky and it's low class. Some view it as a complete waste of time and efforts. That was what my preconception as well. My preconception changed when I was introduced to Fate Stay Night game back in 2005. It was recommended by a friend.

At that time, I was highly skeptical of playing the game simply because it was a hentai game. Regardless, I gave it a try.

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014 18:55

Webtoon 101

Perhaps it's time to get to know webtoon a little more for you.


Webtoon originates from Korea. No, it’s not from Japan. It’s from Korea. Manga and anime as we know are from Japan but webtoon comes from Korea.

Webtoon is a product of a highly digitalized society such as Korea. By digitalized, I mean almost everything we, Koreans, do involve a computer of some sort.

For an example, I haven’t read those old-fashioned paper newspapers over 10 years. I’ve been reading news online for past 10 years or probably more.

And for the about same amount of time (10 years or so), I haven’t had any paper bills and haven’t went to a bank to pay bills. It’s now weirder to see paper bills for me.

I haven’t used too much actual phone calls, either. It’s either e-mails or texts.

I haven’t watched actual TV for more than a decade. I’ve simply been downloading what I wanted to watch from the Internet in HD. My TV is like 8 years old and I’ve turned it on less than 10 times so far. No more watching those stupid commercials.

While I do still visit book stores for manwha, the frequency has been coming less and less. More manwha are available online for a small fee. They give you an ability to read what you’ve paid for again.

Almost everything in my daily life requires me to be in front of a monitor. And remember I am over 40 years old. If an old person like me lives such a life, imagine how much more digitized younger generations would be.

Webtoon is a product of such a society.

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