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Occasionally, I mean really infrequently, I write reviews of various things. I review games, hentai games, drama, and even anime ...

It all depends on my mood at specific moments.

Thursday, 24 November 2016 23:24

Sanada Maru

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For your information, taiga drama is Japan’s NHK’s longest running series.
Ever since 1963, NHK released a 49 ~ 50 episodes of taiga drama every year.

Sanada Maru is NHK’s 55th taiga drama.
“Taiga drama” is a historical TV series. Although historical, a lot of them have been based on one specific era of Japan: Sengoku.
I consider myself a big fan of taiga drama and have reviewed some over the years.

Sanada Maru is about Sanada clan in mid-late Sengoku era and centers around Sanada Masayuki and his two sons.
The most distinguishable feature found in Sanada Maru is that this taiga drama is comical. Comedy and taiga drama have been water and oil. It never mixed too well. Although there have been funny kind of “what the” moments in previous taiga drama, those semi-comical moments never broke characters.

However, in Sanada Maru, there are comedy, real comedy. This is the first as far as I recall and the comical moments are done very well.
In other words, I really do like Sanada Maru. It is a refreshing break from what many outsiders consider “boring taiga drama”.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015 22:26

Nobunaga no Yabo 14

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I was surprised to find this game officially fully translated with powerup-kit enabled. As far as I remember, only the original version was officially translated and was released to PS2 and PS3. “Powerup kit” is more like an expansion pack in America. Or you can see it as a big DLC if that makes it easier for you to understand.

Meanwhile, I must mention that Nobunaga no yabo series and powerup kit have existed as long as I can remember. This is not a new marketing gimmick they’ve come up with. The reason for powerup kits was to patch and improve games. This started in an era where downing big patches over the Internet wasn’t possible. And this trend stuck and continued.

The full title is Nobunaga no yabo (14): Sphere of Influence

Monday, 01 June 2015 14:05


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Shirobako is an anime about producing anime. Being an anime, everything is a little glorified but that doesn’t take away the qualities it has.

Our main characters are a group of girls who found themselves deeply affected by anime and they want to partake in anime production in a way. They were all members of the same anime club at their high school.


Miyamori Aoi

She is the main character of the main characters. Most of anime is catered around her. She is a positive and outgoing young adult who has a hazed vision of her future. She knows she likes anime and vaguely knows that her future lies with anime production. However, she does not have a specific goal or a dream.

She gets a job as an assistant at Musashino animation and that’s where this anime begins.

Her main talent lies in managing people. She is able to encourage, push, and force those in slumps to get them going and eventually produce a result, meaning she is best suited to be a “desk”, a term used to refer what we should call human resources manager.

Sunday, 26 April 2015 02:20


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Patlabor is a very old anime by now. It began in late 1980, to be more precise 1989, it is now over 25 year old anime.

However, despite of its age, I still find Patlabor a rare anime that successfully mixes slice of life with actions. Mixing slice of life and actions is hard, merely because those two genres are pretty much the opposite. Slice of life is all about smooth/quiet plot telling with soothing rhythm whereas action genre is mostly about fancy story telling with often over-the-top scenes. Mixing those two genres is like mixing water and oil, but Patlabor gets it done and it does so exceptionally.

Patlabor has several variants. The manga version (of which I own all volumes) is 22 volumes, but I am not here to talk about the manga because I find anime better. It is one of few cases where animation adaption exceeds its manga format.

Let’s start with the main TV show. The TV show started on 1989 and had 47 episodes. There were also two OVA series both of which supplements the original TV show while giving new takes on some early parts of the anime.

If you have read its manga, it doesn’t really matter which you watch first, you will immediately know where you are, but if you haven’t read the manga, it’s probably best to start with the TV series and then OVA 1 and then OVA 2.

There are also three Patlabor movies which expand Patlabor universe even further but are completely optional.

Monday, 24 September 2012 02:55

Komyo Ga Tsuji

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This is a taiga drama from NHK, and I consider this one to be much better in all aspects as a taiga drama.

This is a 49-episode, each episode bears 50 minutes. This series was aired in 2006 to 2007.

The title can have many meanings but I'd personally translate it as "Crossroads of one's life".

Before reading this review, be forewarned that this is a really LONG review. Expect to spend up to an hour just reading it.

Thursday, 30 August 2012 03:01

Nobunaga no Yabo 13

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Nobunaga no yabo 13, its official name is Nobunaga no yabo : Tendo.

This game was released in Japan on September 18th 2010, but the game itself was leaked on 12nd. This 13rd installation of Koei's longest running game has brought in realism over simplicity. This 13rd installation is a very much enhanced version of Nobunaga no yabo 12. It uses the same concept : Real time game progression and everything happens on a unified map.

In order for you to enjoy this game, it is absolutely necessary that you need to know Japanese history, especially Sengoku era. Otherwise, this game will become very boring and repetitive for you.
Nobunaga no yabo 12nd review is also avaiable at this site.

In 12nd installation, concept of fief was too simplified. You conquer a castle associated with a fief and you acquire a fief. In 13rd installation, it is not so simple and historical realism takes its place.

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