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Webtoon 명인 "Master"

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Do you remember Hikaru no Go?

It’s an old anime by now. It’s been around 12 years since the show ended and it was one of very few manga dealing with Go board game.

FYI, Go board game is Asia’s equivalent of European chess. I personally find the Go game far more complex than chess but I suppose that’s a subjective issue and I am not going to go into the debate.

Actually although I did say “very few”, I can’t think of any other anime or manga that revolves around Go board game.

I suppose “Shion no Ou” as well as “Chihayafuru” come close but they don’t exactly deal with the same game. It is in the same genre however.


The reason for this blog is that -

Some time ago, I found a Korean webtoon that revolves around Go board game.

The title is “명인” which translates to Master.

Webtoon URL :

Unfortunately, I do not find the webtoon in the same league of Hikaru no Go. The art (drawing), plot devices, and the atmosphere all seem inferior to Hikaru no Go. Actually, some of elements appear to be direct copies of Hikaru no Go.

What it does have it better than Hikaru no Go is its trend. I mean the characters in webtoon are up to our tech standard, meaning most players enjoy Go game on the internet instead of facing each other in person. Using cell phones to watch games and whatnot. All of which are expected from a far more modern comic.


The plot is simple. We have a young MC (Young teen) whose uncle is a fairly good pro Go board player. The uncle has some psychological trauma which prevents him from doing his best and is actively trying to discourage MC from playing Go board games due to personal reasons.

However, the MC is highly talented at Go board games and eventually becomes known.

This webtoon also deals with one of the ultimate debate among Go players: Can machine beat humans? There is a Go program called "Alpha Go" which, in reality, has defeated numerous famed Go players so far.

The webtoon is overall average, I felt. I personally did not really like the art. It looked too much Photoshop. I realize all webtoon nowadays are being made with Photoshop but the drawing of this webtoon is too … Photoshop. The art has no character.


P.S. I am not sure whether it is the author’s intention but most of Japanese professional Go player loses in the webtoon, perhaps indirectly trying to imply that Koren Go players are superior.

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