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North & South Korea, are they the same or what?

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When it comes to people who have little idea of Koreans, they generally wonder what North and South Korea mean and if they are the same country.

Now, the short answer is no. Technically, North and South Korea are of the same root but different governments are installed. Furthermore, North Korea and South Korea are both recognized as two independent countries.

The long answer, however, is a confused no followed by a whisper of "maybe". The best way to understand the two Korea is by understanding Germany unification on 1990 where East and West Germany united.

North Korea is a communist country and South Korea is democracy. That alone sets a huge difference in both countries' economies, politics, and culture.

North Korea is led by a dictator. South Korea is run by a president and his cabinet members.

Technically, North and South are still at war. Therefore KDZ ( Korean Demilitarized Zone ) zone exists to divide the two countries.

You can find Koreans relatively easily outside of Korea. There are a lot of Koreans in major urban area cities of America, Canada, Europe, and even Africa. In Japan, Koreans are well spread out.
Those Koreans you may see from where you live, I guarantee you that over 99.9% are South Koreans.

North Koreans simply cannot leave their country without being shot down and not many have the financial means to even immigrate (Not that they are even allowed to leave). And none has any sort of internet access. Actually, few does but it's heavily restricted. Furthermore, North Koreans are suffering from national wide starvation although it hasn't reached the point of famine.

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Choi Jin-sil

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Choi Jin-sil ( 최진실 In Korean text ) was Korea's sweetheart. Born on December 24, 1968, in Korea, she was often compared to Jennifer Aniston in terms of popularity and attractiveness.

She appeared in a lot of Korean dramas and her acting was considered almost on Godly level. She also took various types of roles flawlessly, ranging from a shy woman to a mean bitch. She also appeared on hundreds of TV commercials.

She was considered to be one of the cutest actresses until her death. She committed suicide by strangling with a bath towel October 2 2008 (at age of 39). Her decision to suicide came from her failed marriage. She married a baseball player who was some years younger than her. She was financially gazillions more powerful than her husband which caused him to act violent whenever there were fights. Her husband, in the end, even had an affair which was the last blow to her marriage.

Choi Jin-sil's younger brother took custody of his sister's children and family business. However, not being live up to his elder sister's legacy, he committed suicide only 18 months later. This left a national wide debate whether Choi Jin-sil's divorced husband (Who was openly called "The motherfucker" by Koreans at this point.) should take custody of the children as well as her assets.

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