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Marriage resume

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This article is based on 16th episode of Useful Good-for-nothing.


In Episode 16, Na-Young talks about few groups at the school. This article will explain the 3rd group; those who are in the course for the marriage resume.


Marriage resume is probably an alien concept for those who live in America but probably not new for Asians.

A marriage resume is exactly what its name says. It is a resume for marriages. I am basing this article on the situation in Korea because, well, Useful Good-for-nothing is a Korean webtoon and I am a (native) Korean myself, so I know a good deal about this.

In Korea, the average marriage age is 35. Yes, 35. Lately, the average marriage age is pushing towards 40 for men and 35 for women.

The reason is simple. No properly educated women will marry men who don’t have proper income and financial stability. Those two generally mean a man has to have a decent job and has to have some savings. And those two don’t happen for young men in 20s.

Marriage resume is used for arranged marriages where men and women seek their proper partners. A requirement for a marriage resume is a university diploma. It does not usually matter which course as long as the university is well known. But this applies only to women.

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My thoughts on Red Witch

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How do you define the best soldier?

Hmm, that didn’t come out the way I meant to say. Let me try again.

What do you think the best soldier is? Is it gaining medals?

In my personal view, the best soldier is one who returns home safe & sound with 10 fingers and 10 toes.

Medals would mean not a damn thing to your families if you died during a war.


This webtoon is basically a witch hunt. We have Rena the hunted and Hartmann the hunter. There are sidekicks in Tomuru, Capt. Hugo and his (not-so)trusted comrade Nastya.

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Webtoon 101 Featured

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Perhaps it's time to get to know webtoon a little more for you.


Webtoon originates from Korea. No, it’s not from Japan. It’s from Korea. Manga and anime as we know are from Japan but webtoon comes from Korea.

Webtoon is a product of a highly digitalized society such as Korea. By digitalized, I mean almost everything we, Koreans, do involve a computer of some sort.

For an example, I haven’t read those old-fashioned paper newspapers over 10 years. I’ve been reading news online for past 10 years or probably more.

And for the about same amount of time (10 years or so), I haven’t had any paper bills and haven’t went to a bank to pay bills. It’s now weirder to see paper bills for me.

I haven’t used too much actual phone calls, either. It’s either e-mails or texts.

I haven’t watched actual TV for more than a decade. I’ve simply been downloading what I wanted to watch from the Internet in HD. My TV is like 8 years old and I’ve turned it on less than 10 times so far. No more watching those stupid commercials.

While I do still visit book stores for manwha, the frequency has been coming less and less. More manwha are available online for a small fee. They give you an ability to read what you’ve paid for again.

Almost everything in my daily life requires me to be in front of a monitor. And remember I am over 40 years old. If an old person like me lives such a life, imagine how much more digitized younger generations would be.

Webtoon is a product of such a society.

The title is – Useful – Good for nothing.
I am sure some of you see the title as useless good for nothing. It’s kind of an optical illusion but I assure you that the title is Useful good for nothing.
The meaning of “無用之用” is that something that is useless might prove to be useful. Useful Good for nothing was my translation for the expression.

Our guy’s name is Cha Ji-Yyoung. He’s rather short for a guy and is not very masculine which allows him to dress up as a woman. Even so, chances of a crossdressed guy fooling real women in real world is slim, so don’t try this at home!

… Anyway, ( Mild spoiler alert! Do not read further if you are afraid of spoilers. )

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Dalsez; The two worlds

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This article requires you to have read Dalsez up to 34th episode.


We now have seen and learnt a good mount of Xeno’s world now. And so far we’ve seen two worlds. There could be more worlds but right now we have the two worlds.

I feel it’s time to talk and discuss about the two worlds we’ve seen so far.

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Dalsez; Season 1 and beyond

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What I am going to write below requires you to have read up to 25th episode of Dalsez.


Grandfa!1. Does a child inherit sins of its parents?”

When I read Dalsez for the first time, it had only 6 episodes. When I read it for the first time, my first impression was its variant colors used by the author (Sera, gender unknown). Variant colors attract readers, generally younger readers.

What made me to choose to work on this webtoon was the underlying message of prologue; it was episode 3 that made me decide to work on it.

“Does a child inherit sins of its parents?”

My answer at that time was no.

My answer now is yes.

At the time I read episode 3 for the first time, there were only 6 episodes and I did not know that the “sin” was in his DNA. I did not know he would inherit the sin the way he did.

So, at that time, my answer to the question was a simple and firm no.

But now that I know Denzel has to work on the path that his parents walked (cannibalism), perhaps it was better for him to die as a baby.

Of course, there seems to be more than just cannibalism.

"Human-eating demons" in Xeno's world appears to refer to Denzel's kind. What's more; the Abyss appears to have been created to seal/confine them but Denzel passed through the seal, thus breaking it or at least weaken it. "More cracks", Xeno said.

At this point, however, Denzel can get by just flesh, so far it doesn’t seem the flesh has to be human’s. But it can be argued that his awakening isn’t complete yet…



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Cat couple: My thoughts

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This is a very good webtoon.

And here are my thoughts on this webtoon.


The webtoon starts out very nicely with Episode 9 being really comical (Episode 15 is also recommended). It does slow down right before season 1 but it becomes interesting again shortly after season 2.

I feel it's important to mention that it's hard to avoid slumps in plots. What's more important is, however, that ending it on a high note. And Cat couple did just that. It did have a slump midway but had a very interesting and relaxed later plot and ended on a high note.

And being a webtoon, it has had very little, if any, fat to the plot. The plot moved on without drags. Those two aspects are huge pros for any comic out there. It’s very hard to control the fat in any comics but, being a webtoon, it was so easy. In fact, almost every webtoon I’ve read so far have had very little fat to its plot. Ending on a high note depends on circumstances that are sometimes outside of authors’ control however.

And that makes this webtoon exceptional. I don’t personally care whether a comic is ended or not because what I am looking for is generally the progress instead of how it ends, but nevertheless, a good ending is hard to find and this webtoon has a good ending.

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South Korean Ferry "Sewol" capsized

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Before I begin this long entry, understand that I was extremely angry while making this. I controlled and calmed myself numerous times as I made this but it was hard to hide my angst. I tried my best to be objective and unbiased but this entry is likely subjective and biased to some degree.


On April 16th 2004, a south Korean Ferry "Sewol" carrying 459 passengers capsized. The ferry was on route to Jeju island. FTI, Jeju island is Hawaii of Korea.

Out of 459 passengers, approximately 350 of them were students. They were on a school trip.

I am writing this tragic accident in details.