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7th story to  folder Ashuta arc has been added: pdf [Ashuta arc] [7] [Nano circulation unit] [9631] (218 KB)

Additionally, I've also added a lore file: pdf Frigate (509 KB)

My 3D renders are finally starting to bear fruits. A lore file with detailed 3D renders has a different immersion level. Give it a few years, and I may be able to recreate a whole space station.

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I've added two more 3D renders to the render room.

The frigate design is now complete. My next projects are cruiser cafeteria and fighter craft design.


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I've added two FHD renders to Two Clusters 3D render room.

The frigate model isn't actually complete but the explosions hide it. The 2nd render is the frigate's bridge which means my first interior piece is nearly complete also.


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I've added a lore file to TC: pdf True equality Act (102 KB)

And I added My journey into Blender #1 to the Inn.

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I've opened Two Clusters section under the Inn, and its first article has been added to it: Balance between money and time

And finally Rev 2 of pdf The Gro (78 KB) is here. Rev 2 adds more detailed history of the clan as well as their clan emblem.

I've also added pdf Cruiser (423 KB) which is rooted from pdf Space ships (107 KB). I hope I will be able to add more specific ships.

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The cruiser project is finally, I shall repeat, finally complete.

I invested tens of hours into this. This is my first complete model made in Blender. With this completed, I opened a 3D render section under Two Clusters. I will most likely create a more accessible way to enter the render room but, for now, it is accessible as Two Clusters submenu. (Mouse over and you will see two submenu items, the render room being one of it.)

Or you can click HERE to go there right away.


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It took a long time but this webtoon, Spring Fall is finally complete.

Spring, Fall project page

I've also written an article about the webtoon at the inn: Silence speaks volumes, apparently


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It's almost done. I've come a long way until I was able to reach this. Blender had a steep learning curve but I believe pretty much all 3D applications have steep learning curves. I feel the ship's completion is now at 70%. Texturing the engine part will bring it to 80% and the last 20% will be about minor detailing as well as texturing the main hull.

The ship's base model is based on our current submarine and the ship's length is similar. I am thinking the size is 150m (w) 70m (h) 50m(d) with crew capacity of 100. Maximum passenger capacity is 150. Minimum 30 crews are recommended for bare minimum ship operation although the ship can be operated by a single person for a short while. The ship's main bridge is deep inside of the ship which I am hoping to create one day.

There are two bays in this ship. The front one is a fighter hanger bay. The one above it is cafeteria where it features a whole glass wall. There are some windowed quarters (rooms) which aren't used when under red alert. Cafeteria is evacuated during red alert as well. Basically, the front, head, part of the ship is for recreation.

On the back, the vents under engine is exhaust vents. The ship features an ion engine and its fuel as well as energy are provided by pdf ACM (51 KB). Any excess ions must be expelled out of the ship which is what the vents are for.

You can see another door on back bottom which is cargo bay door.