TC updates

I've added another story to the Hammers arc under TC.

This update pushes the total page count to 600 page-ish.

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  • Thank you for updating. I'm always looking forward to reading a new Two Clusters chapter.
    1 day ago
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  • Would you please upload the additional episode where author makes few notes in Useful GFN?
    about 2 days ago
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TC update and 3D

I've added a new story to the Hammers arc. It's a political and controversial story.


Meanwhile, I've decided to add a little bit of 3D renders to TC. It won't be something huge. I am just trying to make 3D models of the main casts as well as few 3D scenery. This is a long term goal for my novel and you won't see anything meaningful any time soon.

TC lore updates : space charts

While I am working on to re-write stories in Masu arc, I've also worked on space charts for Two Clusters.

I've added Sol chart and Andromeda chart to the lore and another lore file for a planet.

Note that I have four charts for the novel and I will be working on the rest progressively.

Dandelion added to TC

I decided to cut a long story I had into few pieces and Dandelion, the first story to Masu arc, has been added to Two Clusters.

The story has been completely rewritten and it took me over a week to fully rewrite that portion of the story.

Several arcs root from Masu arc, so Masu arc must be completed for me to release further stories of some arcs.

I am not dead yet

I am not dead yet.

I've been rewriting two very early stories for Two Clusters. Both of stories have 100+ pages which take a long time to rewrite. I am currently focusing on those two before I start reviewing another h-game.

TC updates

Eran Gro added to the black knight arc.

ENN incident added to the Hammers arc.

So far, about 450 pages have been added.

TC update and a new review

I've added a review for Souten no Celenaria under H-game.


And I've also added "Cecilia" to Cecil arc in Two Clusters.

I've completely re-written the story. It was the first story for Two Clusters and was written in 1980s. I've rewritten it before but I simply fixed grammar and spelling mistakes. However, this time, I've completely overhauled the whole story and divided it into 2 parts instead of a single long 135 page story. Cecilia is the first part.