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4th story to folder Juron arc has been added: pdf [Juron arc] [4] [The council] [9616] (160 KB)

I've also added pdf The Vues (95 KB) to folder Clans. Rev 2 for the Gro is also being worked on.

pdf Earth Archive (79 KB) has also been added to general Lore.

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In Two Clusters, Kain is a man who seemingly has very good luck with women. He isn't a playboy by any means but he attracts several women, thus creating what some may call "harem".

In the end, he manages to have 3 women, one wife & two mistresses. However, the nature of my novel is that not everyone gets to live happy lives and Kain's story is one of sadder tales. Thinking of their last moments in my head makes me choke up...

Kain's stories are covered in folder Kain and Suu arc.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

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I've always wanted to add some decent 3D renderings to Two Clusters. This desire of mine has a fairly long history as I started to look into 3D as early as year 2008. But the learning curve was massive and I simply did not have enough spare time to divert.

It has been over half a year since I reduced my time spent on translating webtoon. My spare time which was used to translate/edit webtoon has been spent on working on my novel (Two Clusters) as well as learning 3D modelling. We are talking about approximately an hour per day. It isn't much time and it has taken its time but it did bear few fruits.

Now I have three finalized versions of characters.

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  • Neat! I'm curious, do you do these models from scratch or is there a basic template that you modify? Sae has a bit of personality, I like it.
    about 5 days ago
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The freedom webtoon enjoys is pretty nice. You will never see a female(!) protagonist giving (double!) middle fingers in any published manwha magazines.

FYI, the webtoon is You can die ♡

What's her problem?

She is in time loop and has to prevent her jackass boss from acting like a jackass for her days to pass. When she gets excited, she does all sort of things. Giving double middle fingers is apparently one of them.

Allow me to show you what else she does... (Hint: Click "read more")




I've added two more lore files to folder Clans.

1. pdf The Dietrich (118 KB)

2. pdf The Oren (95 KB)

Along with their family coat of arms / emblem.

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I've added two more lore files into folder Clans.

1. pdf The Maeka (107 KB)

2. pdf The Klisis (119 KB)

Clan crest / coat of arms are also added.

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I've added two lore files to Two Clusters.

pdf The Bau (104 KB) : I am not sure why I didn't add this lore file sooner. After all, it is the most talked clan in the stories.

pdf Communications (88 KB) : This lore file should have also been added sooner.

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Another webtoon project has been completed : Haunted school: Wanderer's Ace

This webtoon has a connection to another webtoon: Haunted school: Concrete Labyrinthos

Also be sure to read an article I created for Wanderer's Ace: Haunted Life

And supplement articles: College Scholastic Ability Test | Korea's problem

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