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Red Witch 16 & Myo-Jin Ep.7 & Useful GFN last episode

Today I've read the last episode of Useful GFN. It ended at 73rd episode.

The ending was as expected. The author was like the MC. She just could not close the plot properly. Long story short, I was deeply disappointed in the ending. This was a wetboon. The author should have properly ended the plot.

I've stated this in Cat couple; my thoughts. It's hard to avoid slumps in a plot but what's more important is to end the plot on a high note. The author failed at that utterly and ended the webtoon on a low note.

I will say no more.

As for today's updates,

Red Witch act 16 has been added. 7 more acts to go.

The chronicle of Myo-Jin episode 7 has been added.

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  • I'm sad to hear that about Useful GFN. It was one of my favourite webtoons. But I will still keep watching it.
    9 minutes ago
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Buttload of updates...

First of all, Useful GFN Ep. 46 has been added. It's not as entertaining as before anymore. You've probably noticed that but it will still have its moments, just not as often as before.

Secondly, I am introducing The Underdog. The webtoon has a large cast of characters and it will be easy for readers to get lost. Today, I've added the first two episodes.

Gallbladder Ep.5 has been added.

Spring, Fall Ep.21 has been added.

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  • I find recent updates of Useful Good-for-nothing as entertaining as they were before. Even if the story changes its direction to more serious one, count me all in. :-) Thanks once again!
    13 hours ago
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  • Wow, Sura! Thank you so much for releasing all of these great titles! Your work is definitely appreciated.
    14 hours ago
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  • Yeah, I also noticed that UGfN is getting worse and worse. Funny moments frequency lessened :/ That's sad. I don't feel like reading it anymore.
    15 hours ago
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The chronicle of Myo-Jin Ep 5 & Evil Queen's holiday Ep 3 & Useful GFN Ep 45

The chronicle of Myo-Jin episode 5 has been added. You are required to log in to see the link.


Evil queen's holiday episode 3 has been added. The webtoon is laughable in the beginning, but later on it does hold its own weight. For now, however, it's low quality.


Useful GFN episode 45 has been added. It won't be as fun as before anymore.

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The chronicle of Myo-Jin episode 4 & Steel rain episode 4

The chronicle of Myo-Jin episode 4 has been added.


Steel rain episode 4 has been added.

Both require logging in to view. and both are why I value webtoons highly. The chronicle of Myo-Jin and Steel rain; those kind would never be allowed to be published in paper-bound comic books.

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