TC update and more

"3Ra Syndicate" added to Maru arc in TC.


And I've been working on a big layout change for the website. Because now I am shifting my focus away from webtoons, I am planning to change the site layout more fitting for TC. This is also a long term project and will take some time to arrive.

TC updates

I've added another story to the Hammers arc under TC.

This update pushes the total page count to 600 page-ish.

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  • Thank you for updating. I'm always looking forward to reading a new Two Clusters chapter.
    about 4 days ago
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  • Would you please upload the additional episode where author makes few notes in Useful GFN?
    about 5 days ago
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TC update and 3D

I've added a new story to the Hammers arc. It's a political and controversial story.


Meanwhile, I've decided to add a little bit of 3D renders to TC. It won't be something huge. I am just trying to make 3D models of the main casts as well as few 3D scenery. This is a long term goal for my novel and you won't see anything meaningful any time soon.

TC lore updates : space charts

While I am working on to re-write stories in Masu arc, I've also worked on space charts for Two Clusters.

I've added Sol chart and Andromeda chart to the lore and another lore file for a planet.

Note that I have four charts for the novel and I will be working on the rest progressively.

Dandelion added to TC

I decided to cut a long story I had into few pieces and Dandelion, the first story to Masu arc, has been added to Two Clusters.

The story has been completely rewritten and it took me over a week to fully rewrite that portion of the story.

Several arcs root from Masu arc, so Masu arc must be completed for me to release further stories of some arcs.

I am not dead yet

I am not dead yet.

I've been rewriting two very early stories for Two Clusters. Both of stories have 100+ pages which take a long time to rewrite. I am currently focusing on those two before I start reviewing another h-game.

TC updates

Eran Gro added to the black knight arc.

ENN incident added to the Hammers arc.

So far, about 450 pages have been added.