TC updates

Eran Gro added to the black knight arc.

ENN incident added to the Hammers arc.

So far, about 450 pages have been added.

TC update and a new review

I've added a review for Souten no Celenaria under H-game.


And I've also added "Cecilia" to Cecil arc in Two Clusters.

I've completely re-written the story. It was the first story for Two Clusters and was written in 1980s. I've rewritten it before but I simply fixed grammar and spelling mistakes. However, this time, I've completely overhauled the whole story and divided it into 2 parts instead of a single long 135 page story. Cecilia is the first part.

Sharing Hikari no Valucisa openig movie (130mb)

Click the chibi above to download it. It's in mpg format.

I am now looking at Shikkoku no Sharnoth -What a Beautiful Tomorrow. Another game from the same company, set it in the same fantasy world. I read that this one is considerably longer than Hikari no Valucia.

It seems I am going backwards.

More TC updates and currently in progress of reviewing a hentai game.

Although news entries are becoming scarce, I've been working on the website just as frequently as before.

Two Clusters now have about 200 pages worth and I feel that it is ready to be read. It now should show some form of plot flow.

And my initial estimation of 1.000 pages seems to be off. I am seeing more than 2.000 pages. I forgot counting the pages some years back. That's probably why.


H-games now have some game reviews. Note that all of the reviews were done by me many years ago. I am trying to bring a new, fresh, review. Currently, I am playing

白光のヴァルーシア ~What a beautiful hopes~ (Google it to see what it looks like if you wish). I missed out a lot of games and I have a file of games to be reviewed.

白光のヴァルーシア ~What a beautiful hopes~ is turning out a lot more complex than I initially thought. I may release an early review but its final review will take some weeks.

TC updates and opening of H-Games

A big update for Two Clusters.

[Mosaic passion] was added to Sae arc. In Word, it was 50 pages. On web, it turned out to be only 15ish pages. I am working on refining the first story for Cecil arc but the story, according to Word, has 135 pages, so it's going to take a while for me to be able to get it out here.


Opening of H-games section.

I've opened H-games section. For now, there is only "Hentai game 101" article there. I have lots of games to catch up and a review takes roughly 15 hours to make, so it's going to take a while for me to get a new review out.


Webtoon is now a side project and updates will no longer come regularly.

September 17 updates, 2014

1. Super daddy 10 episode 15 has been added, using Trans-ver V4.

2. Calling episode 4 has been added.

While I know most won't read novels, so far about 100 pages have been added to Two Clusters along with about 20 pages of Lore files.

And I am slowly preparing to launch hentai game reviews page.

Useful GFN Ep.73 ends

So, Useful GFN ends.

Note that there is one additional episode where author makes few notes. I am in no rush to translate that part but it will come eventually.

I've also written an article regarding the characters titled: Useless good-for-nothing

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